About Heidi

"My goal is to illuminate the steps along your healing path. It takes a lifetime to establish our patterns but only one step to start a new direction!"
My Story

Over the past 17 years my attitude towards bodywork has changed dramatically.  In the early years I was taught to push the body back into proper alignment, and to 'meet resistance with resistance'.  These days I see a shift, not just in me, but in our understanding of how the body works.  For the body to heal, the change needs to happen from within.  If you have a pattern of movement that is ingrained in your brain, the resolution needs to happen there.  When we tap into the bodies ability to self-correct, changes can be immediate and profound. 


This is what Ortho-Bionomy has taught me.  Combining this understanding with massage therapy has produced a means that is flexible and effective.  I have witnessed many clients who have gone through years of chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments see new advancements, often in the first appointment.  I am excited and grateful to offer this service as part of a progressive approach to health care!